Thursday, July 21, 2011

Round 2

I am not the only one who thinks about these problems.  Nina did some thinking last night too and had a game plan today. 
Instead of pushing past me and circling to avoid standing still she went out as far away as she could get and tried circling.  Nope, didn't work, more backing.
She tried swinging her hips around so that she was circling backwards instead of backing straight.  This cannot have been more comfortable than backing straight but you know, anything to be in charge.  Nope, didn't work, more backing.
She tried charging over top of me - ONCE.  That time the nice voice went away and I put the fear of god in her.  Nope, didn't work, more backing.
She tried sticking her head straight up and bracing hard.  Nope, didn't work, more backing. That's what stud chains are for.
She tried sticking her head between her knees and bracing. Nope, didn't work, more backing. Again with the stud chain.
Then she gave up, glued herself to my face.  She again refused to lunge, backing up on her own.  We just worked very slowly until she was lunging.  I think she had decided that she was being corrected for going forward - which she was - and so she when she gave in she just wouldn't go forward.  She was quite confused for a little while but eventually relaxed and trotted around a little and was fine.
We had a great ride, forward, relaxed, did a little work over poles.  Short ride again, I run out of steam after chasing her around on the ground and then riding in the heat.
A cloud did blow through right at 2pm, dropped 6 drops of rain but did drop the temps and make things better.  I hope it does that again tomorrow, I have two lessons to teach. 
Onward and upward.


  1. Sorry. I just had to giggle while I read this. Nina is just too smart for her own good! ;) Maybe she enjoys challenges because of that--smart and gets bored. LOL! Glad things are going so well. :)

  2. Well, what's that saying... the end justifies the means. Glad your ride went well in the end!
    P.s. We had 123.8 degree weather (with the humidity) today. Be glad you weren't riding in that!

  3. She's determined, I'll give her that :) I think her confidence will be a real asset as she decides to work with you more and more.

  4. Barbara, thank you for following my blog. I had not found your blog yet, and I'm so glad to have found it today. I just read your posts about Nina through the video you posted on May 24, 2009. She is beautiful. I'm looking forward to catching up on her story.

    I have a soft spot in my heart for TBs. I owned an older OTTB broodmare 30ish years ago; coincidentally her barn name was Nina. Also had a gelding show horse who was a TB, but not off the track. One of these days I will post about him, but I get sad and still miss him.

    I sometimes wish I could give a home to an OTTB, but know I'm not skilled enough for such a horse. Nina is fortunate to have found a good home with you.


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