Sunday, July 17, 2011

no barn day

I didn't even go to the barn today.  There have only been a handful of days since I got Nina that I did not at least see her every day.  I wish I could say I was off having fun, but I spent the day cleaning up the damage and mess from the hail storm the other night.  It didn't do any damage to the house but this is an older neighborhood with lots and lots of mature trees and it partially stripped the trees.  Leaves and mostly small branches.  The morning after the storm everything within sight was green.  Driveways, streets, cars.. everything.  So I spent most of the day picking all that up, mowing the grass etc.  It is 91 degrees, which I normally wouldn't mind, I like the heat, but it is so humid, like a sauna.
So when I come back inside to get a drink and cool off I am not motivated to drive to the barn.

Maybe Nina will miss me so much that tomorrow she will throw on a saddle and be waiting and ready for me when I get there - eager to do anything I want.  Ya think?

I did get some pics of the hail.  My camera isn't fast enough to catch it bouncing 4 ft in the air, darn it.  It came through in waves, I finally turned on the weather channel and they showed about 6 little storm cells all lined up and moving through the same area, right over top.
With the exception of damaging the house, I rather enjoy violent weather, so I enjoyed the storm more than the dogs and cats. 


  1. Holy cow, I tell ya anyone who doesn't believe in climate change ought to look at the wierd weather everyone's been having. We had two tornadoes in the space of a week, and we've only had one before that the whole time I've lived in the area. That hail looks terrifying! Good to hear no serious damage was done.

  2. We had heat indexes of 110 degrees with 80-100% humidity. Rain at least every other day. You'd think we lived in the jungle instead of Fargo, ND--ROFL! We usually do get the humidity with the heat up here. Probably why I hate hot weather--LOL!

    That was quite a hailstorm!! Wow! I tend to love to watch Mother Nature exert her powers, too. She can be overly destructive at times, for sure. But it makes you remember how insignificant we really are in the bigger picture. Makes me feel grateful.

    Speaking of grateful...I hope Nina is ready for you with her saddle on!! ;)


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