Tuesday, July 26, 2011

flat tire

Nina has picked up several new followers this week - Welcome!  They found this blog because I found theirs by going through bloglists on other blogs.  The horse blogger community is fun and I love finding new blogs.

Flat tire - not the vehicle, the horse.  Nina was a little off today.  That right front is still a little weak and she has worked fairly hard for the last couple of weeks.  She was off when I trotted her around the round pen but worked out of it.  When I got on she felt fine at the walk but definite flat tire at the trot.  I couldn't find any heat or swelling but I am sure it is the right front, still healing. 

On the plus side, lately she has moved off into a trot so nicely as soon as I ask.  No head flinging drama, she just jumps into a forward trot.  She did the same today and gimped along until I told her to stop.  I feel bad that she is sore, but still delighted that she is obedient even when it is not convenient.

We also discussed her rude behavior at being unbridled.  I took her saddle off and took her to a pen to roll.  As soon as I started to remove the bridle she flung her head up and started to take off (I really would have thought that smashing her mouth on the bit two days in a row might have cured that, but no....) BUT, there was this darn halter and lead rope around her neck.  Slammed her to a surprised halt.   The bridle went back on and came off - little bit of a twitch but no movement.  Bridle went back on and came off again and she stood like a rock.  I wasn't doing anything else so we did that for a while.  Now I am wondering what little bit of defiance she will think up for tomorrow.

I cold hosed her legs for a while, hope she is sound tomorrow.


  1. As I am new to your blog I don’t know about Nina’s healing injury is it a tendon injury? Anyway what ever it is a hope she is sound soon.

  2. Hi Edward. It is the suspensory ligament in her right front. Minor injury but it still takes a long time to heal completely. Lately she has been sound most of the time, with an occasional bad day.

  3. My horse bites down on the bit as I try to take his bridle off... As many times as he has done this and not liked the feeling he still does it! I hope Nina has more success with learning! Good luck!


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