Sunday, July 3, 2011

barfight, hangover, pictures...

Just kidding.... but Nina is acting like she is regretting getting her bell rung.  
I went to the barn hoping that the swelling yesterday was just a skin abrasion full of fluid and dreading that she would be much worse than yesterday.
The swelling is down quite a lot, which makes me feel better that she probably did not break any bones.  But it is very painful, stretched so that you can see fiery purple and red skin through the hair. 
She is eating, drinking, wanted her beet pulp, but really doesn't want to be touched. 
I got some pics today, they pretty much convey her mood, although it is hard to see the bump.
A friend of mine suggested that this might discourage her from flipping around.  No, it won't, because it didn't hurt while she was flipping around, it started hurting a few minutes later - like about the time I got on her.  *sigh*

This is the undamaged side of her head.  You can see the shape of the bones above her eye.

Here is the lump above her eye, hiding all of the shape of her head.

This gives a little idea of how big the lump is - but smaller than yesterday.


  1. Poor baby!!! Boy oh boy, that's some bump!

  2. Owwww! That looks like it really hurt.

  3. She sure doesn't look happy. What a lump! :(


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