Thursday, July 15, 2010

not fun in the heat

Yesterday I could tell that Nina was still feeling the effects of that wonderful drug...sugar. But not as bad as previously. When she started careening around the round pen I put a lunge line on her, something I would not have dared to do over the weekend, she would have turned it into a spider web.
Tried to do just a few minutes of sane lunging AT THE TROT. She kept zooming off. I would reel her in so that the circle was too small for zooming, when she settled into a steady trot I would reel her back out (approx 20m circle). This went on for hours, literally. To start with she was just a little high, but then she got stubborn about it. She would stare at me, make eye contact, pin her ears and ZOOOM! I could have just quit when I got tired if she was high, but this was disobedience and defiance. So we kept at it. I thought it might kill one of us. I was exhausted and she was lathered and exhausted. When she finally gave it my immediate thought was to hose her off, but then I decided that acting like a jerk should not mean that you don't get ridden. So I somehow clambered on board and walked around the arena for a (short) while. Then off to the wash rack to cool both of us off.

Today we started out the same way, zooming, lunge line on, she settled into an obedient trot in just a few minutes of wrestling around.
Then off to ride. Started out with a nice walk, asked for a trot and got all attitude, pinned ears, refusing to move, the whole thing.
It was in the mid 90s, I was fed up. I don't know what has happened to this horse previously but for the last couple of years she has had it pretty damn good and I have never picked at or deliberately scared her.
I started telling her so, cussing at her, calling her names, yelling at her to JUST GET ON WITH IT! I chewed her out like a drill sergeant for most of a lap and got a trot for a couple of laps. Not as much contact as I would like but not with the reins thrown away which is what she wants. Not a pretty trot but in this heat she pretended and I pretended and after a couple of laps I declared victory and called it a day.

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