Saturday, July 24, 2010

day off for her

Nina was quite cheerful today, of course, she had the day off and got to supervise repairs to her shed.
I went out to the cross country course with a student and she did some hill work. We all spend too much time riding in flat arenas and hills get to be intimidating when you are trying to ride them at a forward jumping pace.
I had already decided not to ride today when I agreed to go out and teach, but I was really glad I had. I think I got too much sun yesterday, I was sick yesterday evening and really really tired all day today. A good night's sleep should take care of it for tomorrow and it hopefully won't be so hot.
I really want to get Nina a little more reliable....she had a couple of stuck moments yesterday that seem to go on forever.... so I can take her out to the cross country course. Even if all we do is walk around, it is easier to teach from horseback instead of walking for miles.

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