Saturday, July 17, 2010

brain cells working!

Today Nina seemed to be back, the eye rolling fire breathing dragon was gone. Now, however, after several days off acting like a loon she is left with a swollen knee, stocked up rear legs and at least one hole in each leg from kicking herself.
Our ride today was necessarily short but not too bad. Then lots of cold hosing and dabbing with wound stuff.
At 100+ degrees.
Tomorrow, depending on what the knee looks like, I would like to just hop on her with no lunging and simply walk around, mostly in a straight line, for about 15 minutes. If the knee is sore I will just hand walk her a little.
100+ degrees expected again, cold hosing and saturating with fly spray gives her a little relief for a while.
BTW, I am using that combo of Skin So Soft, vinegar, eucalyptus, and Dove detergent and it works WAY better than any commercial fly spray. Piranha is about the only pesticide that seems to work and it only works for about an hour. This stuff works for a day and it isn't toxic.

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