Friday, January 20, 2012

wind wind wind

The wind seems to be finally drying things out.  We have had high winds here quite a bit lately.  A few days where highways were closed due to wind, more often high winds overnight dropping to more reasonable levels during the day.  Last night Boulder had winds of 96 mph, we have had 80 mph winds at the barn a lot.  The wind feels cold as it is roaring down off the mountains but the temps have been mild and I am glad to see things starting to dry out.  I have lived in Colorado twice for a long time and I am surprised and unhappy that we are dealing with the same snow that fell in November.  Unbelievable for this altitude!  At least the roads clear off. 

Browsing through lots of horse blogs yesterday and today I have been surprised at how many photos of semi flooded pastures and turn outs are being posted.  It looks miserable.... I will try to stop whining about the wind.

I played a little with Nina yesterday and I am convinced that she has teeth problems.  I may have just forced her to act like a total spaz if I hurt her mouth while we were waltzing around. 
She comes up to me to be petted and then flinches and ducks away.  She finally stood still to get her face scratched yesterday but there was no way she wanted me to touch her mouth.  So I need to get the vet out for that before we go back to work.  Unfortunately, I am now over a month without any income.  I have lessons today and public service is giving me some time, but there is no cash for a vet, so that will just have to wait a little while.   If she has teeth problems I will just write off the day of insanity.  In the meantime she gets some time off.

So what is going on in your area?  Cold, wet, dry, warm, normal or odd weather?


  1. Funnily enough, I posted a weather related photo this morning. We've had such a dry winter that the snow that fell over night was a bit of a surprise.

    A month without income? Ouch! That would really hurt.

    1. Liz, that is a gorgeous photo on your blog.

  2. I'm sure you'll check her out when you have the money. I month without income is a killer!

    Up to 5 degrees here. Still barely any snow to speak of. But it was 20 below a couple nights ago. Nutty winter. :)

    Stay warm and safe and get well. :):)

  3. It's been windy here too, but finally calmed down this evening. We had a quick storm blow through that brought some surprise snow this morning. We didn't get much snow and it had stopped snowing when I drove out of my neighborhood this morning. But the wind was so strong, the blowing snow caused a whiteout at the intersection I had to turn on. It was very strange.

  4. 65 and sunny here. I can't believe Boulder!! Wow!!! I hate wind. I'm not looking forward to the spring winds here either. I won't be here for most of them this year though :)

  5. That sounds like some pretty serious wind in your area. Hope it calms down soon. Poor Nina, there's nothing worse than your teeth hurting.I know I was at the dentist today myself. A month without income certainly puts a hold on everything. Hope that situation turns around for you. As for the weather, we had snow over the weekend, but so much fog and rain yesterday it's mostly gone. Hang in there.


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