Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

I'm still around.  I haven't posted all week because I have been sick.  I only made it out to the barn one day and Nina is a little cranky.  She is not getting enough exercise on the ice and mud AND her next door neighbor moved away.  She loves this horse and has been crying for her.  It's a hard week. 
And 2011 was a hard year for us.  Illness, injuries and financially hard.  It turned into survival mode. 

Here is looking forward to 2012 and a better year. 


  1. So that's what was wrong with Nina. She really is missing her neighbor. And I have missed seeing you, hope you are better today. Here's to a better new year!

  2. I hope you are all better soon! Maybe a new neighbor will move in that Nina really likes. I do hope 2012 is a much better year. :)

  3. Hope you (and Nina) feel better asap!

    Sending my best wishes for a New Year filled with health and happiness to you and yours!


  4. Hope 2012 is a better year. Feel better soon. Happy New Year!

  5. My last "bad year" was followed by one of my best years there's hope! :) Happy 2010 to you and Nina.


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