Wednesday, January 11, 2012

enough sniveling....

I was looking for a photo today to post on a German Shepherd Dog page on Facebook.  They are always looking for pics that are not the usual stacked photo out of the show ring.  This photo jumped out of hiding and mugged me.  This is from the 70s, a puppy named Robin at what was probably her first ever puppy match.  She finished her championship a few years later and I have some spectacular pics of her..... but nothing can beat this. lol


  1. When I event, you could take many of these photos of a green port-o-pot and a black lab doing the same.

    And, puh---lease! You get to snivel just a little bit. You have been hurt and need to honor the healing process and whatever emotional stuff comes up around it. It will go away on its own... Be gentle with yourself!

  2. Such a cute and funny photo!
    Hey! Spoil yourself rotten. Rest as long as you dang well need to. Take it easy. Be kind to yourself!! ;)

  3. Yes, sniveling is absolutely allowed when you get hurt. And if you spent a week in the hospital, you got hurt badly enough to deserve some coddling and complaining!


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