Wednesday, January 25, 2012

on her very best behavior

Look at that innocent face.  Would this horse ever act like a banshee?  *sigh*

I finally got Nina out to run in the turnout today.  I haven't been able to, by the time I have been getting to the barn there is no place to turn her out.  Today the big turnout was empty.  It is fairly dry on both ends with standing water and mud in a stripe across the middle.  This is from the melting piles of snow against the fence between the riding arena and the turnout.

Today right after I got to the barn the wind picked up and was howling for a while.  I put her halter on and set out for the turnout wondering how high she was feeling.  She plodded along next to me like a tired donkey, stood quietly while I fastened the gate.  Then we had to walk to the other end to close that gate which meant wading through the mud and water, no problem.  After I fastened that gate I reached to take the lead rope off and she started to bolt.  'Here we go' did cross my mind, but she immediately took a step back to me and stood quietly while I unfastened the lead and told her OK.

I was assuming that this was not a big deal, but when she heard OK she exploded into action.  Running and bucking, rolling, trying to start trouble with horses walking by, inviting the foal in a pen to come and play with her, then running some more.
She definitely needed to burn off some energy so she was on her very very best behavior before being turned loose.

And as a last note - if I ever complain about having problems with her and water this summer, someone please remind me that she was galloping through icy water with NO hesitation today.


  1. She is beautiful....I couldn't stay mad at that face for very long. :-)

  2. Wow! She really WAS on her best behavior if she was being that good when she had that much energy ready to explode in her--LOL!
    I'm so glad you are feeling better. :):)


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