Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tiny bit of trotting

Again looking 99% sound I got on Nina for a bit.  We walked a while on a loose rein and then did one trot length of the arena, about 200ft, without that familiar flat tire feeling.  Honestly, if she wasn't such a nice floaty mover it wouldn't be so obvious when she is just a tiny bit off. 

I did have a good day on her.  We worked a little on inside leg to outside rein.  Doing some circles and spirals and serpentines just at the walk but off of the outside rein instead of leading her around like a camel. 
She was quite good, I have to remember not to repeat things more than twice since she switches on the auto pilot and then is pissy over having to change. 

Since her normal reaction is that touching her with a leg is BARELY tolerable (down a notch from unthinkable) and touching her mouth is almost torture (to be addressed by ducking her head between her knees), to have her bending and turning and relaxed was great. 

We quit before we pissed each other off.


  1. Haha, well it sounds like progress. Too bad you don't have that last 1% of soundness. The hoof's doing well then?

  2. It looks fine, I think the hole is just deep enough that it is a little tender.

  3. "We quit before we pissed each other off."

    Success, with horses (and people)! ;)


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