Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Foot Fixed

We hope.  The farrier came out today and at first glance he thought the same thing I did, that the hole was somehow connected to the previous abscess.  Doing a little trimming to see where it went he uncovered a shallow trench (for want of a better word) that ended up against the bar, did not get deeper and is about an inch from the old abscess.  The scar tissue from the abscess is up against the hoof wall and totally filled in.  He said it was possible that there was a tiny channel somewhere between the two, but he couldn't see any sign of one.  His theory is either old stone bruise or perhaps the shoe was pushing against the bar.  In either case a gap was left between the bar and the foot. 
We don't really know.
But at least now it is not picking up dirt and catching rocks so it should toughen up and be fine. 
He wants me to let him know in a couple of days if she is moving sound on it. 
fingers crossed


  1. Hurray! Maybe all this has been a bad fitting shoe! That would be nice. Poor Nina. No wonder she's been bitchy sometimes--LOL! Well, she may still be. ;) Let us know how she does. :)

  2. I think that a little bitchy is just her. At this point I would probably miss it if it just went away. She did get points today for standing like she was sleeping while she got shod. So WWIII a few weeks ago did pay off.

  3. Poor Nina. I hope this fixed it up & she's sound now.

  4. That's good news. I hope she is moving soundly soon.


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