Friday, August 19, 2011


I don't have much else today. 
I went to the barn armed for bear; Tuff Stuff, iodine, assorted hoof picks and brushes and a bucket of hot soapy water. 
I scrubbed Nina's foot until I could see exactly what is going on.  The 'hole' is really just a shallow groove, about the size of the last digit of a finger.  It is not terribly deep, but it is deeper than the sole is thick.  With everything shiny clean you can see the edges of the sole around the edge of the hole.  The top and bottom edge of the sole.  So the bottom of the hole is actually the interior of her foot and not a section of sole (missing some, of course).  My first thought was that it was never going to grow out - she would have this hole forever because it is not filling in with scar tissue.  My next, more rational thought, is that it has grown out almost completely and at some point the sole will cover it again.

So I waged war on it as far as sensitivity - cleaning it this well took a protracted tug of war, some stomping and swearing on both sides, it is sensitive. .

I painted just the sole with Tuff Stuff - which you are not supposed to use on soles because it makes them hard *sigh*.  Before I did that I painted it with iodine.  I will continue the iodine, I think one shot of Tuff Stuff is more than enough. 
I would like for it to toughen up before it grows out and give me a chance to ride before - oh - Christmas?  We will see.

So instead of a post about training and fun stuff.... here are some photos that I took today out of utter boredom.
first up  - Nina
Her best pics are always going away - hmmmmm
See, butt shot of a trot....

I think that for a lopey, on the forehand kind of canter - this is a pretty level back, I like this:

And here I asked her to trot around again to try for a better picture.  I did not have a whip, I was not chasing or driving her, I just calmly asked her to trot - even explained that I needed a better picture....the ears say it all....

And this is Pixie
I have been trying to work a little fat weight off of her for the past month.

and this is Porter...
Porter is a mustang out of the last Mustang Makeover here in Colorado.  He was lucky enough at the auction to pick a very nice owner who wants to do dressage with him.  They are taking lessons with me and right now we are just continuing the 'get em broke' part of basic training.  He is a very cool horse, you will hear more about him in the future.

LOOK at that mane!

You can see his freeze brand in this one...


  1. I am looking forward to reading about Porter, I became very interested in that Mustang Makeover in Colorado through another blog. I hope Ninas foot heals up soon.

  2. Pixie's looking much thinner. She's really sweet looking. Nina looks fantastic too, and Porter's adorable! Good luck with the feet, I hope your Tuff Stuff/Iodine treatments work well.

  3. Lovin' the pics of Nina... she looks like she's going to be a nice horse!

    Suzanne (google won't let me post on your blog under my name.)

  4. Just saw the pictures of Porter. What a handsome guy! It has been great fun working with you, and I am really looking forward to seeing this guy in some English tack!


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