Thursday, August 18, 2011


Nina is still off.  The hole in her foot (which is VERY shallow) is still tender to pressure. 
I am out of work and really cannot afford a $100 vet bill to have my vet say,
'yep, got a sore foot, sole most likely, probably grow out fine'
But I am getting frustrated and would LOVE a magic pill. 

OTOH, trying to see some good in this... we are doing lots of walking under saddle.  Ok, not lots because between the heat and the flies we really need to stir up our own breeze to do a lot of anything.  But we did a little lateral work today and plodded around like dedicated nuts in a herd of flies. 
AND, she is gaining some weight.  She had stomped off a lot of weight, I increased her feed and she is hardly working it off so she looks pretty good.... except for that lack of muscle along the topline... but still, a little weight never hurts a TB. 

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