Sunday, August 1, 2010

ride today

I took off yesterday. I don't know what Nina did for the day but I did work around the house, goofed off, updated blogs and didn't go to the barn.

Today she was a little stuck, she did have a week off and her eternal hope that she will never have to work again is always hard to give up after a break. But she wasn't too bad.
Of course, by the time she gives in and starts cooperating I am tired. But I looked at my watch for the first time today and I was on her for about half an hour. I was surprised, if feels like only a few minutes.

I think maybe it's because we don't have a repertoire of movements to practice like you do with a horse that has had some training so just trotting around and arguing about it beforehand doesn't seem like much.

I am going to start pushing both of us this week, trying to ride for an hour and get her to actually work for most of that. I think she is figuring out that the argument is more tiring than the work and she is not going to win. The temps are the enemy right now, high 90s and low 100s are brutal to work in.

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