Monday, August 2, 2010

hot again

It was just too hot to do what I wanted to do, but I did get on her for about 25 minutes. I think she wants to please, her attitude of 'the best defense is a good offense' is just so ingrained.
Only a few minutes of fighting today before she was trotting along. If I leave her alone instead of trying to push for more trot, it gradually gets better as she relaxes. Any encouragement from me and she sucks back again. At least now I can give her a pat on the neck, that used to cause the brakes to lock up.
We worked on a long narrow figure 8. Couldn't get through the turns without a fight for several attempts and then she just started doing it practically on her own, nice balanced turns with the rhythm never changing through the turns and the long straight stretches.
CJ was beginning to think that she had had some good training at one time, it is just overlayed with abuse and fighting. If I can get her to relax and breathe she does start to feel like a well trained horse.

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