Wednesday, August 4, 2010

new digs for Nina

A nicer stall just opened up and I am going to move Nina to it. Much bigger shed, it is in a shed row so there is more protection from the elements. The pen is about the same size, she only has a horse on one side of her and she gets a window! The feed door doubles as a window for the horses, she LOVES this set up, or at least she did before.
The pen she is in now is fine, but she is fed outside in a feeder, in the new stall her food goes in the shed. Much better for winter. She pretty much avoids her neighbors so she should be fine with this change.
No riding today, I got to the barn late. Had a great ride yesterday. It was way too hot to ride for an hour but I rode for about half a hour and - I timed her - I got 20 minutes of continuous trotting, circles and figure 8s and around on the rail. Steady footfalls, she still feels like she is lurching because she is thinking about stopping every step, but she also knows how to put her feet on auto pilot and maintain a nice rhythm. The best she has done so far, with CJ or with me.

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