Monday, August 9, 2010


Yesterday I went to the barn a little after noon and found Nina standing on 3 legs. The barn manager said that she was in her stall around 11 checking the feeder and she was fine then.
We think she may have bashed her knee (right front) sometime in that hour. The way she was walking looked like a sore knee. I couldn't find any heat or swelling anywhere. Prodded and pushed up and down her leg and on the sole of her foot. Nothing.
She hobbled around for a while and was walking better in about 20 minutes. So I put her magnetic wraps on her, gave her some Arnica and left her eating her dinner.
Today she was much better. Walking fine if she was walking straight and carefully. Turning or speeding up made her limp. That still looked like a knee, but still no heat or swelling.
I tried to walk her around a little and hand graze her but she wanted to march off at top speed so I put her in a round pen. She rolled and walked around a little and again was walking better after she moved around a little. Sublingual arnica and rhus tox are her friends for a few days.
If it is just sore it is going to take a few days to go away and a few more before I ride. If it doesn't keep getting better fast I'll have to get the vet out to tell me that she is lame....on her right front.

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