Friday, June 25, 2010

a tired horse is a good horse

A new day has dawned in the Nina/Barb relationship. I am well aware that trying to dominate a TB mare can be a foolish thing to do. But I also am drawing a line in the sand. I have a few new rules, otherwise many things are negotiable.
NO crawly gaits
NO going behind the bit
NO head down between the knees

Normally I am big on just ignoring it when a horse pins its ears or shakes its head or makes ugly faces. They often come when learning something new or difficult and are a temporary objection.
Nina's pinned ears are a great big F_U to the rider. From now on there are consequences to telling me to F off.

So today it was 100 degrees. I rode Nina for about an hour, walking only. She was exhausted at the end. We walked, mostly just around on the rail, FAST. A going somewhere, big striding, head nodding walk. When the ears went back, kick. When the walk slowed down, kick. When she tried to bolt, stop and then kick. She was excellent, marching along, head in normal TB head carriage, accepting a light contact for about 99% of the time. She just had to try me out a few times and for just a few minutes. She relaxed after a while and was fine. Big progress, HUGE.

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