Tuesday, June 29, 2010

legs are healing and a rant

Have you ever pulled someone off of a fast moving horse? I have (when I was on a mounted police unit we tortured each other regularly) and I am about to do it again.

There is a girl, not a child, old enough to know better, at the barn who is a total menace in the arena. There are lots of people who can't steer and some who always are going too fast and mostly out of control, but they are nothing compared to this idiot.
She likes to run the horse, she like to ride bareback so she is mostly just hanging on and she lets the horse run full out. On the rail, off the rail, zigzag, across the center, circles here and there, motorcycle through the corners throwing dirt everywhere. The horse is basically running like a loose horse, as fast as he can with little or no direction from the rider. It is impossible to even guess where they are going and at the speed they are traveling you don't have much time to get out of the way.
Last week they started this and after a few minutes of dodging and then finding myself standing in the middle of the pile of jump standards, I just got off and went and sat on the mounting block in a corner and waited for her to get done.
I didn't complain to anyone because this girl normally goes for months at a time between barn visits so I figured I wouldn't see her again for a while. Wrong. She was there again today.
This time I complained to the manager who said that she had been watching and was going to tell her to knock it off. I told her this was the second time in a week and she was also surprised that the horse was ridden twice in a week.
I hope the manager does talk to her and she pays attention, because I am going to put her in the dirt next time.
Oops...did I say that out loud???

OTOH, Nina's legs look really good, a little swelling but not around the cuts, the skin looks like it has reattached really well. Traded in the standing wraps for a bandage and some vet wrap.
She was sound when I lunged her so I tacked up to ride. Idiot rider beat me into the arena, I decided to wait and then after careening around for a while she set up poles to work on. So now there were additional hazards to dodging her. This is when I complained to the manager, untacked Nina and went home.
(spell check just told me that I should have unstacked Nina, not untacked...gotta love it)

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