Saturday, June 26, 2010

another day

I spent a very short time working Nina at a walk, primarily just on the rail. Asking for a good stepping out walk, kicking for pinned ears. Then I tried an exercise that I have had students do for stiff horses. Walk 10 steps, trot 5, walk 10, trot 5. For many horses this loosens them up and gets the motor running without the rider fussing at them. It didn't do much for Nina, but I think that I just didn't get a chance to do it for long enough. Fortunately she is very easy to sit on at the trot so I don't have to even try to get her forward enough to post.
Then I taught a lesson off of her. Tried to keep on eye on her ears and give her a good kick whenever she pinned them. She realized very quickly that she did not have my undivided attention and decided to save the pissy act for another day with a more appreciative audience. I think it may be cooler teaching off of a horse instead of standing on the ground getting covered in dust. But I had help resetting the fences today. Normally teaching a jumping lesson from horseback involves a LOT of dismounting and remounting.
Another very hot day. She will get the day off tomorrow, the barn is having a fun show all day.

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