Monday, June 14, 2010

the storm seems to have passed,,,,

both the one that brought rain and the one raging in Nina.
Today she was perfectly normal, disgusted with her muddy pen, begging for carrots, lunged a little in a 'damp' roundpen and was perfectly sound. Not a sign of a pinned ear or a sore back.
It was really too muddy to ride when she is being unpredictable, I taught a lesson in the indoor, mostly walk and trot working on some details.
I had an appointment with a roofing company tomorrow and was wondering when I was going to get to ride. The roofer got confused and showed up today. I got home early and was only a few minutes late for the appointment that he thought he had. So that worked out well, I will get to ride tomorrow. I am treating myself to hair coloring on Wednesday and teaching a lesson at a different barn on Thursday so probably won't ride again until Friday. Maybe just walking tomorrow in the mud to stretch her out and if things are drier on Friday we might pull out a crossrail to work over.

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