Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NOW she's sore

Today Nina's leg was extremely swollen, not the one with the cuts, the other one. It had lots of little nicks, no cuts but apparently it is bruised.
So she got cold hosed, walked, cold hosed, walked, until it was less than elephant size and then a furazone sweat.
If you are going to put DMSO on this horse you have to do it FAST. The minute she tastes it she is leaving town. Managed to get the wraps on and now she doesn't want to eat.
Eat a bite, spit a bite out, eat a bite, spit a bite out. I think she ate about half of her pellets and nibbled the hay. I assume she will eat as the DMSO works out of her system and the taste is not so overwhelming.

image found here

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