Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunny day...

I was really really sick of all the grey days with cold and wet and cold......
We have had more nice days than not for the last week and more coming up.  I don't mind the snowstorms, I just need some SUN in between.
Anyway, had a nice day today.  Ned got to jump outside for the first time in MONTHS.  We have been working hard with trying to get him to just relax and not be so stiff and resistant.  He was very relaxed today and jumping with knees up and even (not in the photos I took of course) and looking more like the athletic guy that he can be instead of just doing it by brute force.  This was a nice lesson.  This was a best of several bad shots.  I have trouble taking pictures of a horse jumping when I am teaching.

  EDITED TO ADD:  (a much better picture)

And Fawkes was getting some exercise at the same time so I got a couple of pics of him.  I think this might be his second or third time outside in months.  He was happy to be out. 

Nina was more relaxed today.  I put her in the turnout next to the riding arena.  Since I throw dirt clods at her when she hangs out in the corner she spent a lot of time wandering away everytime I walked near that area.  She has no respect for my throwing arm since she only sauntered about 20 ft away.  She was relaxed about being groomed, even while I was trying to get the adobe out of the hair around her ears.  She has been standing stiff and braced with her head up in the air, hard to reach at her height.  Today she actually put her head down so I could work on her.  I think she is finally deciding that I am still me and not going to attack her. 


  1. So glad the sun is starting to shine! It is starting to get SO nice here too. If only I haven't been sick for two weeks.

  2. I like seeing the pictures of the other horses, too. I hope you get some sun. Raining here today.


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