Friday, March 9, 2012

snarky until I get to the barn

I have been stuck at home some lately and so I am watching the dreaded daytime TV.  I watch a few cooking shows, I love Simply Ming.  I also sometimes watch Rachael Ray, The View (not often) Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus.  That kind of show.  Not the ones where people try to goad each other into murder. 

What is up with the idiotic audiences?  Is there a sound gauge that determines the shows ratings?
Every time anyone says anything the audience on all of these shows (except the cooking shows) cheers and claps and screams like a bunch of hungry circus seals spotting the bucket of fish.  I have almost stopped watching anything, (which is not a bad idea) because the noise is annoying and drowns out the show.   And I hear people who work shifts especially, say there is nothing on TV in the daytime.  We are getting there.

On a brighter side.  Tomorrow I take a young, new to jumping horse to his first hunter schooling show.  It is at a hunter barn so I know the courses will be set up correctly.  He is jumping 2ft+ at home but we are doing cross rails.  We expect him to be a little distracted.  Should be fun.  Wish us luck. 


  1. At least Simply Ming doesn't have a constantly cheering audience. I can't take much daytime TV anymore, either. I watch things I have recorded, if I watch anything. :)

    Have fun!!!

  2. I can't handle daytime TV. I find it mind numbing. Like Rita, I watch videos or read. Good luck with your show!


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