Sunday, March 18, 2012

schooling show....

We actually had nice weather (all week, really) and I got one horse and rider out to their first schooling show at a nearby barn.  It was a nice day, horse and rider did well.  This is a horse that we have been working on.. relax, relax, relax.  He is a big WB who is used to doing things by brute force but he has just lately started coming around and thinking maybe our way is easier than his. 
He alternated being his tense self and his relaxed self in the ring.  I was happy with that - it is progress.
I find it difficult to take picture and actually keep track of what is going on in the ring.  This is probably the best picture I got and except for no head, they look pretty good.   I love a rider balanced over her feet and not laying on the horse's neck.

Nina got shoes this week.  I still need to get her teeth done, but at least she is eating ok.  I have started free lunging her every other day, trying to replace some butt muscle.  She has finally relaxed around me and except for objecting to having her mane trimmed she has been very good.   I'll get a pic after I win that one.  Like most horses she is shedding in clouds of hair, but most of the winter coat seems to still be securely fastened.  
We are getting rain next week, hope it dries out soon. 

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