Saturday, March 24, 2012

Interesting new neighbors

There are new horse neighbors next to the barn, right behind Nina's stall.  Not close, a pen, a large ditch and an access easement are in between, there is just an interesting line of sight. 
Things are quieter than a few days ago when there were trucks and trailers moving in and out and people chasing groups of horses around in small pens with lots of yelling.  Nina and her buddies were fascinated. 
So that part died down and yesterday I heard a woman screaming 'they're out.'  I walked out to where I could see more of their property and saw that the driveway gate was closed and three horses were grazing next to the driveway.  They were out all day, the screaming stopped after one go round.
Late in the afternoon every day the driveway fills up with trucks and people chase horses around.  Don't know why, it has become enough of a routine that the horses at the barn don't watch anymore.
A couple of days ago I saw a western saddle on a fence..... a WHITE saddle, really really white. It could be an interesting summer. 

AND I had to apologize to Nina today, which she seemed to enjoy.  Remember the drama over me hacking off some of her winter mane?  Turns out she was being VERY good, I was being the bad guy.
Between the dead winter coat, the dry hard ground and a little breeze blowing hair around - every snip of the scissors was causing a static spark to jump from the scissors to her neck.  
I saw it today and along with feeling bad for her, I started laughing.There is always something going on with her, I need to stop jumping to conclusions!

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  1. Well, that sounds like quite an... interesting operation!


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