Monday, October 4, 2010

free jumping

I set up a chute today to free jump a little appendix mare and see what she thought of it.  While we had the chute built I decided to run Nina through it.  She hasn't free jumped since we left Seabreeze.  She nearly tore my arm off when I led her up to it by the halter.  Then she jumped through it a few times while I raised the jumps and tried not to get run over.  She was jumping in perfect form, then she got bored and started bouncing it.... an 18 foot one-stride.  After a couple of times of that I knocked the poles down so she would stop but  she went through it and did the broad jump over the scattered poles.  I had to pull all of the poles completely out of the chute before she quit running through it.  Then she followed me around while I put the stuff away.  Man, can this mare jump!


  1. WOW. So we know Nina can jump, how about Sky?

  2. Sky took a few times thru to figure it out, but she was more than willing to keep trying. Finally got her feet straightened out and did nicely over a raised ground pole and a little X. I had to pull it out to 18ft. I had made it a little tight but she has a big stride.


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