Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We did our first dressage lesson today.  It was like when you take your misbehaving car to the mechanic and it runs perfectly.  She was pretty darn good.  She has improved daily for the past few days and it showed today.  She was a tiny bit off so we didn't do too much, but lots and lots of transitions.  Every time she sucked back at the trot, it was walk and then trot again.  I haven't done much of this because it has been so hard to get the forward trot in the first place, I have been inclined to let her keep going. She was very good about it until she got tired, we quit before she could decide it was worth fighting over.
We even did a few canter strides.  She is so unbalanced at the canter that I have been trying to get her stronger at the trot first, Sara (dressage instructor) suggested that we just go ahead and canter and let her figure it out.  So we will try that.

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