Thursday, October 14, 2010

dressage experiment

Well, the new dressage instructor experiment is over.  I had one lesson that I was less than impressed with, but thought to be fair that I needed to give her a little time to get to know us.  And my second lesson.... she didn't show up.  She sent out an email the night before canceling but it was after I had turned the computer off for the day.  She wants at least 24 hour notice if a student cancels a lesson, well so do I.  It costs me time and money to get to the barn on time.  She didn't call or try to make sure I knew my lesson was canceled. How rude.  She canceled because one of the riders canceled at the last minute and so she didn't have her required number.  Sometimes when your schedule becomes inconvenient you just have to suck it up so you don't screw the people who are paying you.   That's two young trainers in a row who say they want to build a clientele but just don't get it that they need to treat their clients with some courtesy.

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