Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday drivers

The next time I go to the barn on the weekend and the place is crowded I am just going to leave.  Normally if I wait until after about 1pm the place is cleared out.  Today I got into the arena at about 2pm and it was a zoo.  I don't mind (too much) adjusting for the little kids with no steering.  Generally those horses are on a set trajectory and they aren't too hard to dodge.  And the adults with no steering aren't too bad, more annoying perhaps.  But I found myself riding with one of the teenagers with little steering, NO idea that there is anyone else around and the bad habit of ripping her horse to a halt anytime he does something she doesn't like without being aware of who else is close by.  She cut across my path and slammed on the brakes twice today, leaving me no option but to stop, there wasn't time to go around.  The first time Nina was really pissed.  The second time she snaked that long neck out and was about to take a big bite out of the other horse - yes, we were that close - I caught her in time to stop her, barely. 
Some of the problem is that being a big TB and being asked to go forward, she covers more ground and with a lot more power at a trot that most of the little Quarter Horses do at a lope.  Most of those riders don't realize that if they cut right in front of her and don't leave her a way out she is willing to power right over top of them.  But mostly this is just people riding staring down at their horse's mane and oblivious to anyone else in the world.  They probably drive their car the same way.
Earlier in the week I found myself in a crowd in the arena with more experienced riders and it was so pleasant to be able to work around each other with no effort.  *sigh* 
On the other hand, we have had several days of perfect riding weather and Nina has been great, working hard and really paying attention.


  1. Ha! Sounds rather like the people who cut right in front of a semi-truck and never think about how difficult it is for them to stop or slow down quickly. Nina is more like the semi--hehe! You are so right--dumb drivers everywhere--horses or cars. A lot of people do drive like they are in their own little worlds. Dangerous. We must always factor in and keep our eyes open for the idiots of the world--ROFL!

    I'm glad that Nina has been doing really well with you and I don't blame her for wanting to take a nip! LOL!! ;)

  2. Soooo right! A lot of this can be blamed on the person who trained those riders. How many times have you and I yelled at a new rider "don't stare at his ears! Do you drive a car by staring at the hood!?!? And we were told "speed outside,slow inside", going the same direction. And for Pete's sake, why does calling "rail" or "inside" puzzel people? When Deb, Barb, Judy and I would ride together we would make those calls even at a controled trot.Yikes! Steve C.


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