Friday, June 15, 2012

Onward and upward

I am feeling very psyched about getting back to work with Nina. 
Last year we did nothing.  I rode, we worked on things but I had no focus, no goals, I was overweight and out of shape and did nothing about it. 
This year I have lost weight and I am getting in riding shape.  I know there are a lot of riders who are pretty hefty and ride like I wish I could, but for me if I am not feeling in shape I feel off balance and vulnerable when riding.  Not all the time but often enough that it discourages pushing hard toward goals. 
Also last year I spent 6 months recovering from multiple skull fractures which kind of sapped my energy. 

This year I am feeling antsy to get things done.   I rode Nina on Wednesday and Thursday and she was fussy and then great and I was totally relaxed and enjoyed just sitting on her.    When I got on her a few times in the last few weeks I was tense and she was tense and I was anticipating an explosion and she was threatening. 
The last two rides have been like old home week.  No tension.  She pinned her ears and shook her head and stomped and then just abruptly stopped.  I rode her around in the arena on the buckle, turning and stopping and starting, walking and trotting, just off of leg and seat - so she did learn something last year - and it felt great!
I hope this continues, I am getting excited about saving the summer!

Tamarack Hill photo


  1. Sounds great! Looks like a good summer ahead. :)

  2. Good job getting over the hump and riding Nina again. The more time that passes, the harder that is to do. Congrats - looking forward more posts like this!! :)

  3. Hoorah! Nice to see Nina has a job again!


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