Monday, June 11, 2012

good Monday

 I did a lesson with my newest student today.  With the horse that was previously left at my barn.  She has worked hard this week and he is SO much better.  Slower than the speed of light.  It is always nice when something works.
We actually jumped him over a crossrail today, just to see if he would.  He thought it was boring and wanted a different fence setter who could reach higher.  She would love to jump him - might be able to.

I tried a hackamore on Nina today.  I wanted to see if there was a possibility that I could ride her in one until her teeth get done.  I put it on the wrong headstall, it hung down to her nose and she was a JERK while I was adjusting it, jumping around.  So I took ahold of the top of the headstall and pulled it off of her - intending to adjust it and then put it back on - but I left the reins looped around her neck, forgot about them and she took off, dragging my good bridle in the dirt.  We were in the round pen so she couldn't go anywhere.  She only went to the other side and stood ON.MY.BRIDLE!  But she stood still while I walked over and unbuckled it so it fell off her.  I was a little pissed.  The bridle wasn't damaged but it is SOOOOO dirty it may never be the same again (not really).
I adjusted it, slipped it back on her and it was still too far down her nose.  I was going to take it back off but she was back in jerk mode, flipping her head up and down so I couldn't unfasten it.
So I lunged her, at a canter, balancing the hackamore on the tip of her nose.
I found an old headstall at home that is just a little shorter, it may work.  Try again tomorrow.


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