Saturday, June 23, 2012

no energy and tooooo hot

I finally got out to the barn today.  Nina was happy to see her beet pulp and allowed me to pat her neck while she ate.  I had planned to get her out to lunge or turnout or roll or something.  I did not have the energy to ride.  A bank near the barn said that it was 103 degrees.  That and nothing to eat for three days about did me in.  I was exhausted walking from my car to Nina's run.  And she showed NO interest in getting out, it was probably too hot to roll in the burning hot sand.
Just put that beet pulp right here in the shade and all will be well.   There was a little breeze so the shade wasn't bad.  I gave Fawkes some alfalfa pellets and left them both happily munching away.


  1. Glad you're feeling better, but 103 degrees is too hot to move! Glad you just went home. Hope you have AC! :)

  2. The heat has sapped my strength too. It's tough, especially when you are recovering from a bug. A couple weeks ago I was trail riding with some friends and said I wished it was warmer. I take it back.


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