Sunday, April 8, 2012

A week's update

It had been a week of minor ups and downs.  We did get the cold and wet for a couple of days, but it warmed back up quick and the outdoor arena was dry enough for jumping by Thursday. 
Not being a cold weather sports person I am happy to have an early warm spring, but the ski resorts are closing early, which is not a good thing for this area.

Nina suddenly decided to let go of her winter coat a couple of days ago and is now shedding like a neglected sheep, big chunks of hair falling off of her.  Currying and brushing just seems to create a hair cloud, but I feel guilty if I don't try.  I have doubled the calories I am feeding in her extra meal by adding alfalfa pellets and Amplify and I am telling myself that she is gaining a little weight. 

A client and I hauled her horse to a H/J barn for a schooling show yesterday.  It was supposed to be his first over fences show.  We got to the barn and found out that they had changed the date of the show because they realized it was Easter weekend.  WTF???  We only got the info off of their website a couple of weeks ago.   Oh well, we wanted the outing to be low key and a confidence builder for the horse, who is a worrier.  I guess a long ride and no work is low key.
I have a schooling show scheduled for a couple of horses this next weekend, so we will try again.  Also this barn is closer.

I might have another horse to ride for a while this summer, I'll let you know how that goes.  I will be riding Fawkes in May, hoping to improve his outside rein contact while his owner is on vacation.  That should be fun.  Right now Nina is just on hold.

Nothing exciting this week. Nina can't decide if she is bored or thankful for her time off.

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