Monday, April 23, 2012

ups and downs

Since I enjoyed Saturday apparently I had to pay for it on Sunday.  My car shut down, just refused to start, nothing happening and on a busy street in a not wonderful part of town.  It has a new battery but I called a friend and we tried to jump it anyway. 
Did not work, had dash lights come on, turn off, come on....
We gave up getting it to start, put the cables away, closed the hood and suddenly it started.
I spent last night going thru the manual trying to find something I could fix, no go.  It is apparently something wrong with the ignition/electrical system.  Since I don't have 2 cents to fix it I am just driving it and hoping for the best.  I hate this. 

Nina, on the other hand, fed my ego today by being thoroughly pissed while I was working with Fawkes.  She paced around in her pen enough to get her exercise for the day.  When I went to get her instead of greeting me at her gate as usual, she came to the gate and then stomped off and stuck her head in a corner.  She gave up and came back to me in a minute but kept her ears pinned and walked as far away from me as possible. 
She is funny.   We decided on Saturday that she may actually be a cat stuck in a horse body.  It would explain a lot.


  1. Oh crap! I hate car troubles!! I sure hope the car will keep going for you after it has has its hissy fit.

    Speaking of hissy fits...looks like Nina's a little jealous--LOL! So funny! :)

    Hope you have a good week. With a working car!


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