Saturday, April 14, 2012

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So, here it is Saturday afternoon.
I was supposed to have two horses at a horse show today but I found out last night that the show was cancelled.  The organizers have been watching the hysterical weather forecasters all week and couldn't resist.
I stay away from the locals when they get hysterical.  There is some severe weather going on around us, but we - as in the Front Range, not my neighborhood - are supposed to get a thunderstorm and some rain tonight.  Later.
So I am sitting here watching the sunshine and wondering how in the hell I am going to make up for the lost money from cancelled lessons and shows in the last month.


  1. Crap. Well, that sucks. Do you not get a refund from the shows if they cancel??

  2. I don't remember the weathermen getting so freaked out by weather when I was young. They were calm, but somber, even when they reported on tornadoes and blizzards. They really do tend to get hysterical these days.

    Oh, and if they broke in for a weather report it was a tornado touch down. Other than that--never. Same thing with news reports. They only broke in to regular programming if the president got shot or a we went to war or something huge. People used to run to the TV when they heard there was a special report. Now I just sigh because I am missing my show...for nothing.

    I hope you figure something out. Beautiful day here, but expecting rain tomorrow again. Hang in there! :)

  3. Wolfie - I am supposed to get paid by my clients - if there is no show there is no way to earn money.

    Rita - 'People used to run to the TV when they heard there was a special report. Now I just sigh because I am missing my show...for nothing.'
    THAT made me giggle - me too!

  4. That is very unfortunate. I'm sorry your show was cancelled. I never know what to believe from the weather forecasters anymore. Saturday was much better than I expected. I attended a clinic and it wasn't bad in the indoor arena, but we did have to be careful not to get the horses too sweaty as the temp outside started dropping mid-afternoon. I think the storm rolled in a little later than expected. My husband got caught in a blinding blizzard and very treacherous roads late last night. The plows hadn't gotten out yet. Today we've had blowing snow, followed by clear blue skies, followed by more blowing snow, then partly cloudy. We've had every season today, except summer. Crazy Colorado weather.


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