Sunday, November 14, 2010

my curly coated TB

My curly coated Thoroughbred~!
We had a couple of prolonged discussions today ranging over topics such as...
Is Nina allowed to buck Barbara off just because?
Does Nina have to trot when asked or is she allowed to throw a dramatic fit over it?

By the timed we were done we were both literally dripping with sweat and now I had to deal with the familiar cold weather riding problem.  How to get her dry before putting her away for the night.  It was 5pm and getting dark, temps in the 40s and falling fast.  I threw a cooler over her and walked her until the cooler was soaked.  Then let her roll, then walked some more.  She was no longer wet but still damp so I started back brushing her hair to get it to stand up and dry faster.  As I back brushed it - it started to CURL!
I couldn't resist, I back brushed it all and took these pics.  My curly horse!
She did eventually dry, got a blanket put on and had dinner.
I think I need to clip her this week.


  1. I didn't know you could clip a horses hair. Don't they need the extra for the winter? The curly hair looks odd on her--hehe! Sounds like she's still getting you back for not riding her for a week. ;)

  2. oh yeah she is getting even. I usually clip my horses in the winter, then you don't have to deal with wet sweaty hair. You have to blanket to replace the hair. Normally I don't use blankets unless they are clipped or it is below zero, but Nina is still a little underweight so she gets cold easily.


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