Saturday, November 13, 2010

back in the groove

I spent the last week making excuses for not riding and persuading myself that if I just waited one more day the warm temps would come back.  It wasn't hard to find reasons not to ride.  I was getting to the barn after 3pm and it was grey and drizzly everyday.  yuck.  Today it was cold and a little windy and I sucked it up and rode.  Nina was a butt, which I deserved for not riding all week, but all and all it went fine.  I have good winter riding gear and I know how to layer and be comfortable.  It is cold and miserable getting tacked up but once you get on you warm up fast.  So it is not a big deal, but every fall I go through this.  Once it gets to be normal it's fine.  Unfortunately if you huddle down in your clothes trying to stay warm and still you are likely to get tossed on your head.  There's nothing like a cold wind blowing up a horse's butt to make them silly.

1 comment:

  1. I am still chuckling over that last line!! :):):)


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