Friday, November 26, 2010

I really wish the wind would stop

I taught a lesson this morning at another barn and the plan was to get in a quick ride on Nina before my farrier showed up.  But he had another appointment cancel so he was early and I didn't get to ride.  Just as well, by the time he was done the wind was howling and I was frozen stiff.  I wouldn't have wanted to have been out there any later than we were. It's an icy wind that just cuts through you and right through my formerly windproof jacket. 
Nina was pretty good for him, even when a trash can lid blew under her feet.  She spooked but didn't explode and he got her shod before it got so bad we had to go inside, which none of us wanted to do. 
I am trying her barefoot on her hind feet, which I have never done with a thoroughbred, but her hind feet seem to grow slower and not flare as much as the fronts and I really need to save some money so we tried it.  If her hind feet wear too fast we will put shoes back on.  It saved me almost half the normal shoeing so it's worth a try. 
It started out nice today and was fine until the wind started, tomorrow is supposed to be a repeat so I am going to try to get out to the barn early and ride before the wind starts. 

1 comment:

  1. Been terribly cold here, too--in the single digits and below zero during the night. Stay warm.

    I never thought of a horse as going barefoot. :)


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