Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm almost afraid to post...

... it seems like everytime I report that things are going well Nina finds a new way to make herself lame. 
I am happy to report that since the abscess blew and she got a couple of days off, I have ridden everyday but one.  She has been wonderful under saddle.  Little bits of resistance here and there but constant improvement.
This week for the first time I was able to use a little leg and hand together and get her straight, her stride was instantly a foot longer and she liked it a lot.  Much easier to get her to go along with the program the next day.
Again, I am amazed that this horse has NEVER had anyone take the time to teach her how to carry a rider. 
She still takes an occasional ouchy step on the right front so we are not doing much, but a month of standing in a stall has made her stiff and weak in the rear so I want to do as much as possible to get her moving and loosened up.  It's all  good.

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