Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The barn imploded

So much for a nice quiet barn and pasture turnout.
The trainer, another trainer and the barn owner are involved in some sort of great drama. It is impossible to sort out what is going on because all parties involved are lying through their teeth, at least to me.
Bottom line is that the trainer is taking her clients and moving. I am not interested in going to the barn where they are going. No turnout. If I want a barn with no turnout there are lots for less money.

As of Saturday there is apparently no one to take care of the remaining horses. I plan to be at the barn at 6am and see if anyone shows up to feed and turn them out. If not, I will do it myself.
I am there everyday anyway so I will just take care of her myself until I decide where to move her. Any barn with real pasture turnout is so far from my house. This one is an hour away and the closest by far. I know there are a few small private barns in the area, not on any lists. I will check with them. I don't need or want a big show barn for her.
I am so sick of whackjob horse 'professionals' who apparently did not get enough of this sort of nonsense in junior high school and think they have the right to drag paying customers into it.


  1. Sounds like a bit mess! So sorry you are having to go thru this.

  2. Thanks. I have it sorted out now so I can sleep tonight. Not ideal, but then what is?


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