Wednesday, June 3, 2009

more rain

If we had ocean instead of mountains to the west, I would swear I was in Seattle. Mild temps and rain and rain and rain.
I went ahead a worked with Nina, in the rain, in the flooded round pen. She was ok being tacked up. In fact considering that she has not been saddled in several days, she was fabulous. Only minor face making.
After spending some time with my friend Reed's horse, Shiver, who gnashes his teeth and pins his ears back a lot...all a big show...I am beginning to think she is not such a big deal. I am just used to a couple of horses who would drag you to the jumps but were puppy dogs on the ground.

Anyway, just a few minutes of lunging with one side rein each way, no fighting, fussing or appearance of being uncomfortable. I thought about getting on but somehow I was sure she would toss me into the deepest, nastiest puddle.

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