Thursday, June 11, 2009

big step forward....

So I got on Nina on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday due to circumstances beyond my control she got the day off. Today I was not anxious to get back on. I just didn't have the energy to deal with a stuck horse. But, sometimes you just have to.
She was the best she has been so far. Walked out, totally relaxed, turned both ways. Stopped and started and walked out again, head nodding for the very first time. I'm still waiting for her to breathe but one thing at a time.
She got a little stuck once, thought about rearing, I over corrected but she was the adult and after a pissy head shake she did not over react to my over reacting and we carried on.
She even offered a little trot, but she also dropped her shoulder and got light in the rear and I decided that on the buckle was not the best way to do this, so I just said a quiet 'whoa' and she went back to walk.
Positively horselike.

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