Thursday, May 31, 2012

Riding this week

I did get some riding this week.
I am working with Fawkes, who is coming along in a steady way now.
He had to figure out that he was not carrying around a twit flapping on his back, but that the legs and hands touching him actually meant something.  Now he is getting into it.  He is fun.

And this week I got to ride Ned for a few days.  He is the Dutch/TB cross that belongs to a client. 
He is a big powerful boy, reminds me a little of Scotty.  He can also be very tense through his neck and so I was happy to be able to get him to relax his neck and stretch forward.  He was very fun to ride also. 

Lots of posting trot for me, I think that is one of the best ways for the rider to strengthen the core.  And no, I don't do it without stirrups.  I should, but I don't. 

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