Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Riding (?) Nina

So sick of not riding Nina.  So yesterday I cleaned her up, threw a saddle on her and got on in the round pen in a halter with reins.  Not really any control but the illusion is comforting.
She stamped her feet, tossed her head and made ugly faces for, oh, about 2 minutes and then just walked around.  I got off after just a few minutes.  I think I need her martingale to try to stop her from standing up.  If she bucks I am just SOL, but she is not a bucker - knock on wood. 
At least I can do something with her.  Something has to give in the job/money arena and I will be able to get her teeth fixed and get back to working.  She will have had a slow motion return to work. 

In other news Fawkes is doing very well, starting to track up (every once in a while) and softer in his neck and poll.  He is smart and fun.

1 comment:

  1. I hope things will improve after Nina gets her dental work. Glad things are going so well with Fawkes, though. :)


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