Tuesday, August 7, 2012


During the Olympics the TV is turned, by default, to whatever channel is broadcasting the competitions.
I don't have cable so I am stuck with the network broadcast of volleyball and swimming.  To be fair, they did show some track action and some crewing. .

The only equestrian action that I have seen was the end of a show jumping round, mostly of the horse's head, and 20 seconds of Ann Romney's horse circling the ring.
The cross country day of eventing pulled a crowd of 50,000+ which is more than what is going on in the stadium for the most part, but the network doesn't think anyone wants to see it.  Of course this is the same network that broadcasts Rolex with some basketball color guy admiring how pretty the horses are - repeatedly. 

A friend of mine texted me that the cross country was starting.  I texted back that I didn't have cable.  She answered that she didn't either - she was sitting in a restaurant watching it. 
I didn't even think of that!!!

For those of you who have cable (or high speed internet) enjoy whatever you can see.  For the rest of us - crewing is always fun to watch, talk about timing and rhythm!!


  1. Well - I have a smart phone and was theoretically supposed to be able to watch all of the equestrian events live streaming...

    NBC gets a meh for their handling of the high tech olympics coverage. When the event started streaming as scheduled, and between the compulsory advertisement interruptions, in spite of constant screen freezing + blurry picture, I was able to catch a few rides I wanted to see. The coverage ain't all it was cracked up to be...

    The entire sessions are being put up on NBC's official olympic site (a day later). :D

  2. I feel your pain. Our internet is poor on the best of days where I live so no streaming, and if you want to watch on TV you better enjoy beach volleyball! Seriously, do that many people watch beach volleyball to have it be the only thing aired?! No offense to fans but there are other sports going on.

  3. I had the darndest time getting the live streaming to work! Even then you are left with 3 or 4 hours of coverage and it's not easy to sort through it to see the rides you want. Rowing is a great sport to watch, though. My son is a rower and having spent the last four years at regattas, I have a deep appreciation for the skill and dedication of rowers!

  4. I was really shocked that there was no mainstream network coverage of the X-Country. I mean, that is awfully cool and I would think interesting to even non-horsepeople! And the showjumping - what's not to like. Pretty horses, big jumps, all they gotta do is get over them. Not hard to comprehend.

    Fortunately, I am a cable subscriber and therefore have access to all the live and and archived online footage. My iPad has come in very handy at work, LOL. It has not been faultless by any stretch of the imagination - I was totally unable to get a thing on the iPad for two days due to some introductory ad that flatly refused to play - but it's been pretty good. I like the cost, too. :-) (i.e. nothing, other than our regular extortionist cable bill)

    I've thoroughly enjoyed all the Equestrian events so far. Seeing the British team win SJ is a thrill I'll never forget - you could feel the joy over here!


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