Friday, January 22, 2010

horses are herd animals....

I had one hesitation in putting Nina at this new barn. The horses went out to pasture in mixed herds. I knew that she had been beaten up by the small herd of mares she lived with before I bought her. What I didn't know was what brought that on. It is not always the submissive one that gets beat up. Sometimes it is an instigator that starts fights he/she can't finish.

I needn't have worried. Nina integrated into the herd immediately, had two new best friends and an ardent admirer within a couple of days. In fact she was so attached to her new best friends that she was difficult to handle. Herd bound, screaming, pacing and rude and not eating well. She was too concerned with keeping track of everyone. Eventually she realized that going out with her new friends was routine and she calmed down.

Riding her only infrequently I was glad to see that she picked up right where we had left off in her training, also in her pissy attitude, which was diminished but not gone.

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