Saturday, May 30, 2009

BIG step back

So it turns out that my friend who was helping me has this project very low on her to-do list and does not show up. Nina got worked one day this week so we are pretty much back to square one. When she gets worked everyday she makes progress, but she is so used to bullying people and getting put away for months at a time that a couple of days off and she is geared up to fight again.
So even though I think the carrots was a really good idea, she would have to have been weaned off of them sooner or later so I guess we are going to do it without the carrots.
I was really bitterly disappointed when I was blown off again this week and about to just pack it in and quit. But I realized that she doesn't have me scared any more and I am just going to have to do this by myself. It may take longer, but I can do it and I can do it everyday without waiting for someone else.
Since we are back to square one with her attitude, might as well start over. So Monday we will start with mounting and dismounting, this time without the treats.
We will get it done.
I was helping a couple of riders today at a 3Day Event and wishing I was riding.....'Nina could do this' I found myself thinking....yes....if we can learn to walk first.

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